Chocolate the Key in Firehouse Chili Cook-Off

Hats off to Chicago‘s new chili champions.

Chicago’s Rock Bottom was packed Tuesday night for the 15th Annual Chicago Fire Chief All Chili Cook-off.

Firefighter Clarence Norwood won the top honors for Chicago’s Fire Engine 98, with a little help from Chef Sean Tehrani from the Basil Leaf Café.Tehrani was no shoe-in. The Italian restaurant chef said it was only the third time he’s ever made chili.

Chocolate the Key in Firehouse Chili Cook-Off “Three different kinds of meats, buffalo sausage, pulled pork, ground beef and four different kinds of beans,” Tehrani said.

It was a bold recipe, but it was their secret ingredient that set them apart: chocolate.Will the winning entry make an appearance on Basil Leaf‘s menu?

“I wasn’t planning on it, but it seems like I might have to now,” Tehrani said.  “An Italian restaurant that sells chili. It is what it is.”

Proceeds from the event benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.


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