Be The Media

Bill has great expressions.  A few are taken from (what I consider to be) obscure movies.  Like Night Shift starring Michael Keaton and The Fonz (okay, Henry Winkler).  Keaton plays some guy, named Bill (no joke) who works a night shift (I won’t tell you where) and has all these crazy ideas.

[Bill: I’m an idea man Chuck, I get ideas, sometimes I get so many ideas that I can’t even fight them off!]

The plot isn’t important, suffice to say Bill walks around dictating ideas into a tape recorder.  Ideas like: feed the mayonnaise to the tuna.  Brilliant!  And now it’s kind of like a motto here at AGENCY 360°.  Sarcastically so sometimes; earnestly others.

Something somebody else said to me recently about advertising:  Traditionally, advertisers have placed the products that they want to sell into the framework of media companies with whom they want to advertise.  6 col x 4″. A :30 ad.  300×250 pixels.  Etc. Your product, their box.  Instead…why not just be the framework too?

I won’t give away the secret sauce (it’s mayo), but it’s got me thinking like a fish for now.

(Other random fish-sequitor: “I don’t know who discovered water, but it sure wasn’t a fish.”)

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