It’s winter…get your swimsuit & golf

TopGolf is not your typical driving range.  Though the concept is built around the traditional notion of swinging a club to hit (hopefully) a little white ball, TopGolf is more about drinking and hanging out with friends.  (I think they’ll do for golf what upscale lounges like Lucky Strike did for bowling.)


Nonetheless, here in Chicago, the TopGolf facility struggles with attendance numbers in the winter months (in spite of heaters in every hitting bay and, again, tasty/tipsy drinks to warm your belly).  So how do you convince people to come out to play in February?  The answer, it turns out, is ironic: ask them to take off their clothes.

AGENCY 360° came up with the 1st-ever Swimsuits & Snow Boots TopGolf Open.  The idea was simple in some ways (people and news outlets like to watch other people do silly things…especially if they are wearing bikinis), but complex in others (we needed just the right media personality to pull this off; with a very small budget we needed 3rd party sponsors to help provide prizes and really good drink specials; and we thought a charity tie-in would be a nice grassroots bonus).



THE RESULT: several hundred people playing TopGolf in their bathing suits with Lindsey the Loop Rock Girl and Pete McMurray, morning drive host on 97.9FM The Loop, for a chance to win an Apple Vacations trip to Cancun.

The concept made for great radio chatter (aka FREE editorializing) before and after the event.  All told TopGolf received about 5x as much exposure as they paid for.  The Loop got a great event for their fans.  Apple Vacations got great promotional value on trade.  TopGolf fans (and staff) got a really, really memorable event that certainly had people talking about the brand for a long time (online and off).


Plus: the event was previewed on the top-ranked WGN-TV Morning News with anchor Larry Potash; and re-capped on NBC’s 24/7, a night life/entertainment show that reaches TopGolf’s core demographic, as well as in The Daily Herald, the biggest local paper in TopGolf’s backyard.



BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: on Saturday, February 19th, TopGolf was on a 2-hour wait and had their largest revenue day of the 1st quarter for both games and food/beverage.





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