Show Us Your Mug

The HOOTERS of Western Washington wanted to increase their premium beer sales.  Why?  They make more money when they sell more expensive beer.  The problem was how to catalyze these sales without severe discounting and without disrupting the step-by-step customer interaction protocol of the famed restaurant chain.  In fact, we wanted to ENHANCE the customer interaction experience.

A New Look at an Old Concept

Mug (noun): 1) a cylindrical drinking cup; 2) the face or mouth of a person

So…”Show us your mug and we’ll show you ours!”  (Sounds slightly flirtatious in keeping with the HOOTERS vibe.)  And after all who doesn’t want their photo with a HOOTERS girl?


360° developed a monthly template that worked like this:

  1. order the premium beer special
  2. have your photo taken drinking said beer with a HOOTERS girl
  3. go online to check-out your photo and share it with friends
  4. “tag” your photo and/or text to win prizes (like brewery tours with the HOOTERS girls)

mug-club020  mug-club016  mug-club017  mug-club015




  • Sold-out 12-month sponsorship
  • Increased sales on targeted brands as much as 60% within designated month
  • Overall increase in beer profits
  • Strengthened vendor support
  • Increased online and social media traffic
  • Prominent in-store signage and dedicated keg lines for specialty beers
  • Text-to-win campaign with sharable database for vendors
  • Interactive online photo gallery with beer sponsor branding, and social-share functionality
  • Sales incentives for HOOTERS Girls

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