Custer’s (Corporate) Retreat

For many businesses the new year is a time to re-group with the management team and set goals for the year.  Most people (including some staff here) don’t know that AGENCY 360° keeps a satellite office in Fort Custer State Park, near Kalamazoo (and <ahem> Bells Brewery) in Michigan.

Last week, I dropped in on the team there, including our CFO, Director of Photography and Director of Risk Management.  Goal for the meeting:

  1. conceive of a dynamic and  effective team-building activity
  2. execute and document said activity
  3. review results and share with extended team members
  4. propose activity to clients (as appropriate)
So we present: CarSledding.

custer-retreat2 custer-retreat3  custer-retreat4
This sequence shows the “Jump” or “Ramp” portion of the CarSledding activity. (Not recommended. Subsequent back-flat landing not pictured.)

Activity needs:
  • car
  • rope (for towing)
  • saucer sled
  • Consent/Hold-Harmless forms (optional)
Optimal speed: 23 mph
Optimal road conditions: snowy
Optimal clothing: padded

left to right: Dakota (co-founder); Kelly (director of photography); Chris (Chief Financial Officer); not pictured: Director of Risk Management (go figure)

Check out more photos: HERE.


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