Go Forward

“Run through fire, fly through smoke.”  It’s one of our favorite sayings here at 360.  We suppose it could mean many things depending on the situation.  Be fast.  Be fearless.  Don’t turn back.  Etcetera.  But maybe at its heart it means, simply, go forward.  No matter the obstacles, go forward.

And so, we give you the August Issue of Agency 360 News: an ode to going forward, no matter your endeavors.


Then drink a beer.  While listening to Coolio.  (Yes, Coolio Coolio.)  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st.

Our client Cerulean Sports has one of the best mud run/obstacle courses in the nation and it’s coming to Chicago.  To Hawthorne Race Course, another client of ours (see what we did there, nice, eh?)

Q: What’s a Hell Run?

A:  Mud trenches, fire pits, tunnels, climbing walls, junk cars, hay bales and more on a 5K course that…well just watch:

Registration ends MONDAY.  Don’t wait.  You’ll get a cape, a kick-ass medal and photos for Facebook that will be cooler than anything else your friends post for at least a month.



For the last 15 years the Chicagoland Skydiving Center has been hosting a fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Here’s the thing: this isn’t just another random way to raise money for a good cause.  Many people with MS go very quickly from living very able-bodied lives to being wheelchair-bound or quadriplegic.  They face tremendous obstacles the likes of which we can barely imagine.  But… they go forward.

Skydiving for MS not only raises money and awareness, it gives people with MS a chance to “be set free for 5 minutes.”  That’s how a guy named John put it to us.  John has been a quadriplegic for 16 years and has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane 9 times.  Talk about living.  That was pretty much all we needed to hear.

Join us SATURDAY and SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th and 9th for the 15th ANNUAL SKYDIVE FOR MS.

You can download a pledge form here.  Facebook invite HERE.



360 is going forward too.  As we continue to expand our roster of clients, we just hired the indefatigable Kate Armstrong.  Problem-solver.  Next-step thinker.  Story-teller.  Sports Nut.  She’s working on a number of our projects from PR to event production to sponsorship development.  But with the summer interns now gone, we’re worried she’s lonely.

Please say hello on Facebook, or via email.  (Karma points for you with which to go forward.)

In lieu of a profile photo, Kate wanted us to share this scene from Old School.  Which we think is even better in German.  (Wait for the hallucination. It’s worth it.)

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