3 Ways To Be Thankful- November Newsletter


File Under: THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR.  Below: 3 great events.  2 of which you can preview right now.  So here’s what we recommend: open your calendars, save the dates, email/Facebook/Tweet your friends to do the same.  (We also highly recommend perusing the Great Chicago Fire Hydrants and casting a vote for your favorite to win a prize from our sponsors…courtesy of WINTRUST.)
Oh, and be thankful.  (We sure are.)
Ding, Ding,
Billy and Dakota



“100% of proceeds….”  That’s feel good fun through and through.  Good networking.  Good drinks.  Good food.  Good karma.  We hope to see you there.




You’ve seen the hydrants.  (They rock.)  Now (thanks to our presenting sponsor WINTRUST) you can VOTE for your favorites online.  When you do, you’ll have an opportunity to win awesome prizes from some of our other sponsors (they rock too).  All of this: momentum to the Great Chicago Fire Hydrants auction on DECEMBER 4th, when you’ll have a chance to own these little monuments for good.  Proceeds benefit the 100 Club of Chicago and the families of fallen police and firefighters (which is just awesome).


STAY GOLDEN PONYBOYThe nerd in us (ahem, Dakota), loves quoting “The Outsiders” (it’s actually the only quote he remembers) and puns (daily double!).  So do the rest of us this favor and just watch this commercial.  It’s for Hawthorne’s historic Gold Cup Stakes.  We’ve put this big time race on TV.  So if you can’t make it to the track you can still get in on the action (may we suggest


But we hope you can make it.  Cause Thanksgiving weekend we’re racing under the lights once more!  (Tickets on sale HERE.)


Hawthorne Race Course Gold Cup presented by XpressBet Nov. 30th on WGN
Hawthorne Race Course Gold Cup presented by XpressBet Nov. 30th on WGN




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