Feed the Brisket to the Polar Bear: And Other Stories- March Newsletter


We have a saying here at the 360 Headquarters: feed the mayonnaise to the tuna.  It’s code for seeking good ideas that simplify a process to get the same great results (chicken-of-the-sea in our mini-fridge not withstanding.)  This month’s newsletter might go by a similar slogan: feed the BBQ to the polar bear.
Or: why jump in a frozen lake alone when you can jump with clients and friends in the media?  Then everyone will know about it!  More awareness for Special Olympics.  More slow-smoked brisket for us (see below).
Plus: other stories of fire and ice (tis still the season, but Spring, we’ve got our eye on you!).
Ding, Ding,
Billy and Dakota
ps – we gave our website a face lift: let us know what you think.  And look for Polar Plunge photos on our Facebook page.


Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice…ah, forget about it. Dressing up like jockeys and riding into the frozen waters of Lake Michigan is just fun stuff.  So we’re going to do it again: THIS SUNDAY.  Particularly because it’s for a great cause:SPECIAL OLYMPICS.


This year we’ve invited the MEDIA to join us (special thanks so far to John Garcia, Bill Bellis, Amy Jacobson, Amber Holst, Aly Bockler, David Wallach and others). Our friends from Q-BBQ and Hawthorne Race Course are all in too.  So PLEASEMAKE A DONATION, if you can.


Especially if you like this video:


Chicago Special Olympics Polar Plunge: Hawthorne Race Course & Agency 360
2012 Chicago Special Olympics Polar Plunge:
Hawthorne Race Course & Agency 360


Trick question: what’s more dangerous than fighting a fire?  Fighting one in extremely cold weather. 

Just ask NBC Chicago’s Stefan Holt.  We set Stefan up with the Chicago Fire Fighter’s Union Local 2 to get an up-close look at the recent warehouse fire-turned-ice dungeon.  Check out this really insightful  2-part series about what Chicago’s bravest face in the winter months:




If all this is making you cold, here’s a sure-fire way to warm-up: EAT GOOD BBQ.  Seriously, did you know that eating good BBQ not only makes you warmer, it also makes you happier, better looking and funnier.  Just ask Ryan and Val and the whole Windy City Live crew who recently had Q-BBQ in-studio for an early lunch:
q-Windy City Live
(Full disclosure: we’ve been eating a lot of Q-BBQ lately as evidenced by our good-looking wit.  You’re welcome.)


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