A Polar Bear May Hire You Over Sunday Brunch- May Newsletter

Sure, we know what you’re thinking: One 50-degree day and they breakout the spring newsletter!  Guilty.  Cue another six inches of snow.  Nevertheless, too much good news and fun not to share as of late: a dip in Lake Michigan with #SwimmyFallon, The Mayor and the cast of “Chicago Fire.”  BBQ Grand Openings with “Da Coach” and “Guy.”  And new clients who are proven leaders in Chicago pizza/Italian cuisine and marketing (2 things we love dearly).
So #ChuckFiberia and bring on spring (heck, maybe we’ll even go skydiving!)
Ding, Ding,
Billy and Dakota



The secret must be this: we paid our winter penance to the Polar Plunge Gods (see above, and  HERE) and now with just a whiff of spring in the air, we’re thrilled to welcome some fresh new clients to the 360 garden.  Bacino’s Pizzeria & Trattorias (leftmost photo, post-plunge), and the Business Marketing Association of Chicago (photo on the right, no-plunge).


As such, WE’RE HIRING: a Communications Account Executive and a Senior Account Manager, New Business.  See links for job descriptions and please pass along super-star referrals.




Our very fun friends (and clients) at Q-BBQ, let us talk them into investing in some high-definition, ultra-slo-motion video for the grand opening of their 3rd restaurant (and the 1st with a Chicago zip code).  We thought it would be a fitting tribute to the craft of slow-smoking delicious BBQ meat for 22-hours (their specialty).  Cue revelry.
Lakeview Chicago Q-BBQ Opening
Lakeview Chicago Q-BBQ Opening


#BrunchIsOnFan of Sunday brunch?  (Who isn’t!)  Carnivale Restaurant, already well-known for big, bold, sexy, colorful cuisine and decor, is taking the Chicago brunch scene to task with the introduction of “FESTIVALE Brunch.”  Live entertainment, lots of surprises and Latin-fusion food that will quite literally “wake up your soul!”  (We hereby nominate their Chicken N Waffles as “Best in the City.”)


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