Author: Lexi Luber

VIDEO: Chicago Firefighters Braving Fires and the Freezing Cold

Despite the difficult challenges, Chicago Firefighters continue to keep us safe through arctic subzero temperatures ...

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Still Time To Buy A Fire Hydrant for Charity- December Newsletter

  We’ll make this simple because we know you’re busy during the holiday season. 1) Buy ...

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Stange Racing and Maryeve Dufault Rev Their Engine at Carnivale!


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3 Ways To Be Thankful- November Newsletter

  File Under: THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR.  Below: 3 great events.  2 of which you ...

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VIDEO: Chicago Bears Martellus Bennett Unveils The FOX 32 Fire Hydrant

Chicago Bears tight end and hydrant artist Martellus Bennett unveils the FOX 32 fire hydrant on ...

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Zombeing Fallout Zombies Play ‘Know Your Horror Movies’ Game Show Against Robert “Freddy Krueger” Eglund

Zombies invade the WGN studios to play a game of ‘Know Your Horror Movies’ and Steve ...

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