Our business philosophy is this: provide the services that our clients need from a complete, 360° perspective.  What those services are depends on what’s needed.

In the broadview:

  • Advertising (we buy upwards of $1,000,000 in advertising annually)
  • Public Relations (we achieve and manage over $2,000,000 in press placements annually)
  • Event Production (we pride ourselves on seamless operations, delivered on-budget, and the more moving parts: the better)

Myopically speaking (if you want the fancy, industry-jargon):

  • Leverage media partnerships
  • Create value-added opportunities
  • Manage full-scale media communications with traditional, non-traditional and social media
  • Develop, sell and execute sponsorship programs and campaigns
  • Negotiate vendor contracts, including union labor
  • Implement cutting-edge social media campaigns
  • Create compelling graphic media
  • Write just about anything you might need
  • Accurately evaluate market opportunities and align them with client goals
  • Mix data-based research and creative development of non-traditional promotional campaigns